ABI: No evidence of hit list

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Bureau of Investigation held an evening press conference Wednesday to refute claims that Michael McClendon possessed a hit list.

The ABI said it had in its possession all evidence collected from the first scene, the burned out home of McClendon's mother.

Investigators said they recovered a phone list and a notebook but, "there is no evidence that indicates a hit list of any kind," they said.

The statement comes in stark contract to Coffee County District Attorney Gary McAliley's earlier statements that said the murderer was keeping a list of those "who done him wrong." Read more of what D.A. McAliley had to say here.

The ABI said recent developments lead them to believe McClendon acted alone in Alabama's worst-ever mass killing.

Officials believe that may lead them in the direction of a possible motive, though one has yet to be given in this case.