First Alert: Damaging wind, tornado threat continue overnight

The threat for strong to severe storms is in the forecast later today...

  First Alert: Severe weather possible Saturday night into Sunday

  First Alert: Isolated showers Friday and Saturday, storms Sunday

  First Alert: Warm weather for Thursday

  First Alert: Nice Tuesday, but damaging storms could return on Sunday

  First Alert: A few strong storms overnight?

  First Alert: Showers, some strong storms return Monday

Continued Coverage

  FIRST ALERT: Warm, with isolated rain this weekend

  First Alert: A soaking rain falls on Alabama tonight...

  First Alert: Remains mild, but showers return soon

  First Alert: Rain returns Thursday

  First Alert: Active pattern returns later this week

  First Alert: Chilly start to Monday, showers return Monday night

  First Alert: Showers linger Sunday morning

Temperatures won’t warm up past the low 60s for most!

  First Alert: Rain Saturday night into Sunday, then cooler

Warm and mostly dry for the first half of the weekend!

  First Alert: A few showers and storms possible this weekend

Dry and warm weather will last into the first half of the weekend

  First Alert: Cool mornings, warm afternoons

With temperatures climbing to either side of 70°, this is as close to perfect as a forecast can get

  First Alert: Quiet, for now... more rain possible later today for east Alabama

  First Alert: Storms are gone, and now we are quiet again

  First Alert: Sunny and warm weekend

  First Alert: Wonderful weather through the weekend!

  First Alert: Warming up in time for the weekend!

  First Alert: Dry Start to Spring

  First Alert: What a week!

After a comfortably cool afternoon, we’re chilly again by Wednesday morning

First Alert: Chilly nights, comfortable afternoons

Temps remain in the 60s as we wrap up the last few days of Winter... the new season starts off on a quiet note

  First Alert: Sunny and comfortable next several days

We stay mostly dry all of next week.

  First Alert: Chilly tonight, comfortably cool St. Patty’s Day

Little to no rain will be found over the next 7 days

  First Alert: Cool, dry weather ahead

What is left over from last night’s severe weather no longer packs a punch, but it still leaves some of us wet this afternoon

First Alert: Storms pushing steadily eastward

Watching storms

  FIRST ALERT: Storms arrive tomorrow night

One last quiet day

  First Alert: Windy Wednesday, storms late Thursday?

What a day!

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Reducing tornado deaths in Alabama won't be a quick fix. It will take money, effort, time and persistence. Here's a start.

  FIRST ALERT: Feeling like Spring

Feeling like Spring

  First Alert: Rain chances linger overnight and into Monday

We’ll dry out Tuesday

  First Alert: Storms Sunday

The threat for severe storms is low

  FIRST ALERT: Watching the Weekend

Watching the weekend

  First Alert: Weekend system trends slower, weaker

We will be getting milder as we wrap up the workweek, but storms could as early as Saturday...

  First Alert: Warmer, strong storms possible this weekend

Temps in the 20s this morning will warm up near 50° by the afternoon...

Tragedy in Alabama: A detailed look at Sunday’s tornado outbreak

Detailed information on Sunday's catastrophic tornadoes in Alabama.

  First Alert: Feels like Winter, but getting warmer...

Temperatures remain well below average, but sunshine returns

  First Alert: Cold temperatures continue through Wednesday

Mornings will be in the 20s and 30s

  First Alert: Storm threat over, cold air now rushing into the state

The impacts from today’s storms will be felt for years to come

  First Alert: Multiple Tornado Warnings in AL

Sunday is a First Alert Weather Day due to heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and isolated tornadoes

  First Alert: Tracking possible severe weather Sunday afternoon

Heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and isolated tornadoes are all possible as our next system rolls through Alabama

  FIRST ALERT: It’s raining...again

More rain

  First Alert: Intervals of rain continue through the weekend

Coverage of on and off showers will remain elevated throughout the rest of our Thursday

  First Alert: Rain, a few rumbles possible Thursday

Rain chances ramp up tonight

  First Alert: Rain chance ramps up Thursday

Clouds are more abundant today, and increased rain chances follow

  First Alert: River flooding worsens along the Tombigbee

Enjoy today, because clouds return tomorrow and will wrap our workweek up on a wet note...

  First Alert: Cooler and drier behind Saturday’s front

Comfortable weather will stick around for a few days

  First Alert: Storms moving through now, dry and cooler behind front

Remaining storms are capable of producing damaging wind gusts.

  First Alert: Warm weather, isolated storms

A few storms could drop localized heavy rain, but not everyone gets rain today

  First Alert: Warmer with scattered rain for the rest of the workweek

Highs approach 80 by Friday

  First Alert: Storms tomorrow in west Alabama?

Wet weather will be picking up in coverage and intensity over the next few days

  First Alert: Cold, wet Tuesday for Alabama

Showers are only scattered today, but more widespread rain returns soon

  First Alert: Scattered showers tonight, widespread rain arrives Tuesday

Monday afternoon will be a bit drier before widespread rain moves in Tuesday and lingers through the rest of the workweek.

First Alert: Scattered showers Sunday and Monday, Widespread rain by midweek

Scattered showers will fall over the next two days, but rain becomes more widespread by the workweek.

  First Alert: Warm, wet pattern ahead

Warm, wet pattern ahead

  First Alert: Nice tonight, but wetter days are ahead

Scattered rain through the weekend; next week looks wet

  First Alert: Valentine’s day forecast is looking LOVE-ly!

Dry for now, but a wet pattern becomes likely by next week

  First Alert: Cool and dry weather returns

Our threat for severe weather is over, but we’re not done with the rain just yet

  First Alert: Tuesday storms, then we turn colder

We’re mild to start, but turning much cooler tomorrow afternoon after wet weather rolls through

  First Alert: Strong storms possible this week

Watching the low-end threat for strong to severe storms Tuesday and Friday

  First Alert: Cloudy and cool weekend

Watching the chance for storms next week with the arrival of two separate systems

  First Alert: Cool weekend, wet weather returns next week

From record warmth to struggling to stay near normal...

  First Alert: Montgomery ties record today, temps plunge tonight

Temperatures on either side of 80° today won’t last long; we’ll be back in the 50s by tomorrow

  First Alert: Potential record warmth, then a big cooldown

Tomorrow’s highs will be close to 80°, but a cold front will bring temperatures back to normal this weekend

First Alert: Spring warmth through Thursday

Temperatures remain well above average, but for how long?

First Alert: Warm week in progress!

Morning fog

  First Alert: Warmer than normal temperatures continue

Another comfortable day is in store for Super Bowl Sunday!

  First Alert: Warmer, Wetter Pattern Continues

Highs are in the middle 60s this weekend with a few showers possible.

  First Alert: Weekend warming trend!

Temperatures likely go above 60° by later this afternoon, and we’ll continue to get warmer this weekend

  First Alert: Cold night, warm weekend ahead

Warmer and wetter days are in the forecast

First Alert: Cold again tonight, then Alabama warms up

Temperatures that started in the 20s will struggle to make their way close to 50° later today

Jan. 30 marks coldest recorded day in Alabama history

While Tuesday’s morning low was chilly (23° in Montgomery) it’s nowhere near as cold as the lowest temperature ever recorded here!

  First Alert: Cold, clear night ahead for Alabama

Where's the snow?

  First Alert: Rain, snow are gone and we’re left with sunshine!

Even though we are quiet this afternoon, we’re still chilly for another day or so

  First Alert: Wet now, snow possible later

Today is a First Alert Weather Day

First Alert Weather Day declared for Tuesday

Light accumulation is possible for parts of our area... check out the detailed discussion on Tuesday's potential wintry forecast.

  First Alert: Cold tonight, cool and quiet weekend ahead

Temperatures settle near freezing again tonight.

  First Alert: Cold and dry...for now!

Arctic cold front could bring wintry mischief to Alabama next week