Editorial: Mr. President editorial follow up

Editorial: Mr. President editorial follow-up


About a week ago I did an editorial where I stated our President need not respond to people like Omorosa and that he should have left the flag at half-mast beyond two days for Senator McCain.

I am aware the protocol for the flag at half-mast is just two days and then the President needed to sign a proclamation keeping it lowered until McCain was buried. That would have been the right thing to do though he did not have to.

I want our President to succeed as he has with growing our economy at a level unseen for over 10 years. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been for the same period.

I believe we will now once again get our military strength back to where it should be. These are all good things. We need more and we as a country need to stop the bickering.

Those who support the President were none too happy with my editorial and their anger was misguided. I was only suggesting what I thought would make Mr. Trump’s job easier and maybe help him in his efforts.

Bottom line, don’t stoop to the opposition. It will never come out as one planned. The President has enough people out there with the intent to unseat him, why help fuel the fire. If those who blasted me had listened to what was said they would realize their ire was misdirected.

Problem is everyone is so ready to react, they don’t think before doing so.

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