Eric: More rain expected for Tuesday

Eric's Tuesday morning weather update


Our Tuesday forecast stays busy as a weak frontal boundary remains draped across the region. This front was the source of our widespread coverage of rain and storms yesterday, so it’s a bit of a rinse and repeat forecast today. Not everyone gets wet, but most locations stand a greater than 50/50 chance at seeing rain.

Highs will climb to around the 90 degree mark, but areas that see more rain never get out of the 80s. We’re wet again tomorrow before gradually transitioning back into isolated rain coverage late week. Temperatures will surge back into the lower 90s late week as the late Summer heat kicks back in.

Future Feels Like Tuesday
Future Feels Like Tuesday (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Hurricane Florence appears to be undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle, which typically results in temporary weakening of the system. Indeed, wind speeds have dropped to 130 mph. Florence remains in an environment favorable for maintenance or some additional strengthening, and it’s possible if not likely Florence will become at least a CAT 4 again.

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