State works to attract companies to create movies in Alabama

State wants more movies filmed in AL

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Movie genres including action, history, and drama have been shot at locations in Alabama.

“There’s a bit of novelty or excitement when a film is coming to your town or your state,” said Alabama Tourism Department director Lee Sentell.

The Alabama Film Office is always trying to attract production companies to the state. The Alabama Tourism Department said this helps the economy.

“The longer the film crew is here the more money it’s going to spend,” Sentell said.

Many states, including Alabama, have tax incentives to encourage companies to invest here. But Alabama has a $20 million cap. This means a production company cannot spend more than $20 million in the state and still receive a rebate from the film office. States like Georgia do not have a cap.

Before choosing a location, many times production companies look at photos online to see what locations work best for their movies.

And the Alabama Film Office has a database of more than 300 photos, showcasing Alabama attractions.

“What we’re trying to do is get the word out about locations here in Alabama,” said Alabama Film Office Location Coordinator Tommy Fell.

“What Alabama is good at is we have sights that are not overexposed,” Sentell said.

Fell said he depends on community members to help provide photos of Alabama attractions and places to film.

“We try to have communities and location owners send us updated photos to promote. Locations can be anywhere,” said Fell. “Be it a home. Be it a business. Be it a park or a tree in a field. It doesn’t matter.”

“People kind of step back and enjoy the thrill of knowing that their hometown is going to be on thousands of big screens across the country and across the world,” Sentell said.

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