Montgomery couple reacts to son’s killer’s sentencing

Montgomery couple reacts to son's killer's sentencing

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Bob and Lisa DuBose said they will likely never get over the death of their youngest son. John DuBose was shot and killed in 2015. Christopher Cearley, who was arrested following the incident, was sentenced to 85 years in prison for killing DuBose and burning his body in Elmore County in an attempt to hide the evidence.

“People like to talk about closure,” said Bob DuBose. “I don’t think that’s the best word. What I can say is that it’s finally behind us.”

In the 38 months since the incident happened, the DuBoses faced their son’s killer multiple times in court.

“It never got easier,” said Lisa DuBose. “When he would walk in the room, I could just see him standing there doing what he said he had done. Those images were there.”

Lisa DuBose reflecting over old pictures of her sons, John and B.J.
Lisa DuBose reflecting over old pictures of her sons, John and B.J. (Source: mORGAN YOUNG)

The couple said they are ready to move on. After the sentencing hearing, they said they spoke to Cearley’s mother and aunt.

“We both lost a son,” said Lisa DuBose. “Even though she can see hers and I can’t see mine, we both lost them. She won’t be able to hug her son either.”

Bob DuBose said his faith got him through the past three years.

“I pray for them every night,” said Bob DuBose. “What I’ve learned in my prayer life is that you cannot hate someone you pray for earnestly.”

They said they feel for Cearley’s family members, who they said showed genuine remorse for the incident.

The DuBoses said their son struggled with substance abuse. Investigators on the case reported they believed the shooting occurred during a drug deal.

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