Tallapoosa County puppy shot multiple times

Tallapoosa County puppy shot multiple times

TALLAPOOSA COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Angel Askew is still troubled by the memory of the injured puppy near her front deck.

“My heart broke for her," said Askew.

Askew counted 10 gunshot wounds mainly to the animal’s left hind leg. She rushed the dog to Auburn University Veterinary Clinic. Askew is in the process of reporting the situation to Alex City police.

“There’s got to be a point where we all have to understand, we’re living here together. Let’s quit being mean," she said.

For animal control officers this case could be difficult to solve. The dog had no collar and presumably there weren’t any witnesses. And therein lies the real challenge in getting to the truth. Despite what happened to the puppy, there is a possibility the dog may have harassed livestock or damaged property in the area. While there is no evidence to suggest that, Alex City animal control officer Ken Vernon says it can’t be ruled out considering whatever the facts are against Alabama law.

“Attacking livestock could be justified. You have the right to protect your property," said Vernon.

The Lake Martin Humane Society is more than willing to accept unwanted dogs and cats. There is no fee for strays but a $10 fee for pet owners. However, the fee is often waived.

“If they prove they’re up to date on vaccinations and they’re sterilized, we waive it," said society director Mia Chandler.

As for the puppy’s medical condition, the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic declined to release any information about the dog citing hospital policy.

Askew says she was told by Auburn University Veterinary Clinic officials that if the dog survived, it would be adopted out.

Back on Barrett Road near Alex City, Askew knows she did the right thing with the puppy but would rather not deal with this again; too fresh, too painful and in her view senseless suffering.

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