2018 Diversity Summit’s official photographer on what ‘diversity’ means to her

2018 Diversity Summit’s official photographer on what ‘diversity’ means to her
Sydney Foster is the official photographer for Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Diversity Summit. (Source: WSFA)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The theme for the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Diversity Summit is “The Future: Diversity. Talent. Innovation.”, and will focus on how all of that shapes and impacts the future of the community where we live, work, and play.

The official photographer for the Diversity Summit this year embodies all of that.

23-year-old Sydney Foster set out to be a graphic design artist.

“I didn’t even want to do photography,” Foster said.

Now, photography is her life.

“It can be a random person, and if I can just find the beauty in that person, whether it be like a distinct feature or something they have on, I can create from that,” she explained.

Foster has a thriving photography business, and works as a photographer for Governor Kay Ivey’s office. That’s a position she knows would have been hard for her to land a few decades ago.

“To me it just shows where things are going,” Foster said. “It can be more people like me, in positions like me, and I think that’s where Montgomery is coming to, and that makes me excited, but it also comes with a high level of responsibility.”

Sydney feels that responsibility. It’s what fuels her vision, and her commitment, to the Capital City.

“I want to be able to shoot Nike campaigns in Montgomery, Alabama; shoot for H&M in Montgomery, Alabama,” she dreams. “We have it. Montgomery has the resources that bigger cities wish they had.”

The way Sydney sees it, success for this city and her own success go hand in hand.

“I want to create, and I do create, timeless pieces of art that will live beyond me,” she said.

The Diversity Summit kicks off Tuesday with a small business workshop series in the afternoon, then a full day Wednesday.

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