Study: 1 in 3 Americans eats fast food daily

Study: 1 in 3 Americans eats fast food daily

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A study released on Wednesday, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that one in three Americans, or about 85 million people, dine on fast food on a daily basis.

The study took place over a four year period and surveyed 10,000 adults about their eating habits.

While the study did not find a difference in the fast food consumption between men and women, it did find that higher-income families ate fast food more than lower-income families.

Travis Hill, a personal trainer at Metro Fitness in Montgomery, Alabama, said the reason people gravitate toward fast food restaurants is because they’re convenient.

"It’s quick and easy, especially if you have kids. It’s cheap as well, and it’s easy to put your hands on,” Hill said. “It’s easy, so it becomes an easy habit to keep doing.”

But, if you keep eating fast food, it can have a negative affect on your health. Fast food tends to be high in sodium, cholesterol and calories, and that can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, among other things.

“It can increase blood pressure. It decreases your mood and it increases things like your cholesterol," Hill said.

Samantha Filliater was working out at Metro Fitness on Wednesday afternoon. Filliater said she used to eat fast food every day.

“It was more convenient for me, being at work constantly," she admitted. But then, she started noticing her health deteriorate.

“I started noticing a lot of changes in my moods and in my body, and I was like this is not the life I want to live," she went on.

So, she cut back her fast food intake and immediately noticed a difference.

“I feel a lot better about myself. I don’t have to shy away from walking past the mirror. I can walk past the mirror and feel confident about myself. Just my overall health, I feel better,” she said.

Filliater’s advice for those trying to cut fast food out of the daily routine is to “start small.”

“If you eat out every day, take out one day and then maybe you’ll feel a little bit better about yourself. When that happens, take out another day, and just keep going. Don’t try and do a big jump, because then you’re going to feel discouraged. So, start out small and then gradually go for those little goals,” she warns.

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