Evacuees head to Alabama ahead of Michael

Relief workers are heading to the coast to help

Evacuees head to Alabama ahead of Michael
Thousands of Florida Panhandle residents are fleeing north into Alabama ahead of Hurricane Michael.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Thousands are fleeing the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Michael barrels towards it.

Tuesday, numerous people seeking safety traveled I-65 through Central Alabama. This included both Florida residents and vacationers on the gulf coast.

“Wind was pretty bad and there was red tide for the past two days. So the evacuation was issued and they wanted everybody out. They (hotels) did do a couple of refunds for people if they left for a certain time,” said Nathan Schroeder, a Wisconsin resident who was vacationing in Panama City Beach.

Meanwhile organizations like the Red Cross are heading to the coast for anticipated relief efforts.

A spokesperson said 500 disaster workers from Alabama, many of which are from Birmingham, are on their way to meet up with volunteers already on the ground.

In addition the Greater Birmingham Humane Society is sending volunteers to evacuate adoptable dogs from shelters along the Florida coast. Unlike before, they are not bringing them back to the Magic City, because the Humane Society’s shelter is still full with animals from Hurricane Florence.

"This is a pretty bad situation. Because most of the shelters are still full from disaster relief from Florence. So this has put Florida and the Gulf Coast of Alabama at a disadvantage because the places they would normally be able to move their animals to are probably full of Florence Animals. So this is pretty dire,” said Allison Black Cornelius, CEO of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

The organization is also asking for pet supply donations to take to the affected areas.

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