Suicide victim’s mother speaks out against bullying

Suicide victim's mother speaks out against bullying

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Monique Davis is speaking out nearly a year after her son took his own life.

Her son, Jamari Williams, was 10 years old when he took his own life. Davis said it was a direct result of bullying.

“When you notice your child wants to change their appearance, or when they want to change the way they look or how they talk, I just knew from there that something was wrong,” said Davis.

Davis said Jamari told her about him being bullied at school.

“I knew something was going on. He brought to my attention name calling and people saying things to him,” said Davis. “That particular day, I told him I would come and handle that situation that next day, but my next day never came.”

Davis believes that her son’s death could have been prevented.

“I think if all personnel are trained in dealing with bullying we can resolve this issue," she said.

That’s why she spoke out at the Montgomery County Board of Education’s board meeting on Tuesday.

“I would like the reassurance from this board that school personnel have been trained to recognize the signs of bullying and that procedures have been put in place to have bullies handled and removed from the classroom," Davis said.

She’s hoping that by speaking out, changes to school policies on bullying will be made and that lives will be saved.

“I’m hoping telling Jamari’s story will save another child’s life,” Davis said.

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