Toddler safe after walking away from Jasper daycare

Toddler safe after walking away from Jasper daycare
Toddler walks away from Jasper daycare (Source: WBRC Fox6 News)

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - A Jasper family is grateful that their 22-month old son is okay after he somehow walked away from his daycare Monday.

The child’s father, Daniel Dutton said his son Haygen was attending Jasper Academy Daycare, when the dad says he somehow got out.

Workers at Lamar Glass just down the road spotted the child walking. They grabbed him and called police, who then called the family

“Me and my family could be planning a funeral for a one-year old right now. Where he was, they just recently put in a stop sign, because people would fly in downtown from a bridge. He could have fallen off a bridge. He could have went in the woods. He could have gone through downtown. The list is goes on and on what could have happened ,but the main thing is he is home safe,” said Dutton.

Dutton added the facility gave excellent care to his son up until this incident.

The daycare released the following statement to WBRC.

“We are so very sorry that this event occurred and are likewise very thankful that this child was not injured. We do not make light of the fact that this situation could have resulted in tragedy. The safety and well-being of all children in our care is our responsibility and our priority.

Our investigation into this matter concluded that three of our employees were violating our policies and procedures immediately prior to and during the time this child was unaccounted for. As a result, these employees were promptly terminated from employment.

We are implementing new policies, procedures, training, and additional oversight to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

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