Leaders say Gov. Ivey win means unity for Republican agenda

A look ahead after Gov. Ivey's historic win

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Incumbent Governor Kay Ivey made history yesterday as the first Republican female governor to be elected in Alabama.

“Not only did I finish, we finished very strong,” Ivey said during her victory speech Tuesday. “And I am just now getting started!”

She defeated her opponent Democrat Walt Maddox for the state’s highest office. Gov. Ivey first became governor after former governor Robert Bentley resigned in 2017.

Senate Majority Republican leader Greg Reed, R-Jasper, said Ivey’s experience as Lt. Gov. will help her work with lawmakers.

“Frankly when you’re trying to do important things, relationships, no matter if it’s government or it’s church or whatever, relationships are very important,” Reed said. "I think the governor having those is going to allow her to do something that may have otherwise not been possible.”

During the campaign, Ivey said if she were elected she would roll out policies regarding education, the economy and jobs, but did not provide details.

“With your help and support, I plan to replicate a proven model over the next four years," Ivey said Tuesday night.

Alabama Republican Party Chairwoman, Terry Lathan, said when a governor has the same conservative vision as lawmakers, they can move their agenda forward and solve problems.

“One of the wonderful things about Gov. Ivey and also the republican legislative team is that they work hand-in-hand together,” she said. “That means that if they don’t agree with something, they’ll have the opportunity to work together.”

Reed said moving forward he believes Gov. Ivey needs to have a “very strong” agenda and allow the legislature to understand it.

“Open communication between the executive and the legislative branch matter. So going forward I want you to know that we are focused on being effective," said Gov. Ivey in her speech.

Ivey says she plans to meet with the newly elected lawmakers.

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