Daughter follows in Father’s footsteps and joins MPD

MPD officer follows her father's footsteps

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - One of Montgomery’s newest police officers is following in her father’s footsteps.

19-year-old Montgomery Police Officer Kelsey Mackey could not imagine doing any other job.

“I never looked into another occupation. This is my first choice," said Officer Kelsey Mackey.

She said to get to this point took lots of hard work, but it all paid off last week when she graduated from the MPD Police academy.

“It was tough. I cried a little, but overall it was a great experience,” said Mackey.

Officer Mackey now shares a unique bond with her father, Sgt. John Mackey, who has been with MPD since she was born.

“She is a twin. She was the one that would never go to sleep and I would have to do homework while in the academy while holding her. 19 years later I am at the academy with her. That was a real enlightening moment for me," said Sgt. Mackey.

MPD posted a video of the Mackey’s journey through the academy and graduation. Already its been viewed more than 28-thousand times.

“He pushed me through it and he told me to keep going," said officer Mackey.

“It is so wonderful that one of my kids would like to do what I am doing. For a father I am kinda lost for words and I am never lost for words. I am so proud to see that my daughter is proud of what I have done and what I am doing and wants to be a part of my world," said Sgt. Mackey.

Sgt. Mackey says he hopes this serves as an example to others of the importance of a father’s love.

“I want to take this opportunity to advise all fathers of what happens when your seed goes out and does something great because of what you instilled in them. It is just wonderful seeing your hard work and all of your dedication come to light," said Sgt. Mackey.

When it comes to working together the two see this as more motivation as they serve the community.

“It is exciting for me,” said Officer Mackey.

“And for me it catapults me in to greatness because I have to be that role model still that is going to catapult her into her greatness," said Sgt. Mackey.

Officer Kelsey Mackey says she plans to further her education in about a year or so and pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.

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