Editorial: The Last Straw

GF Default - Editorial: Keep it local
GF Default - Editorial: Keep it local
Updated: Nov. 27, 2018 at 6:17 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There has been much conversation of late regarding restaurants across this great country which are looking at eliminating plastic drinking straws and replacing them with paper straws.

I, probably more than most, hate litter. I hate seeing it on the streets and hate seeing it in our water ways and I am a firm believer in creating a fine system for those caught littering. Let’s take this approach in eliminating litter rather than banning the plastic straw.

The notion of getting rid of plastic straws and replacing them with paper ones solves nothing. Think of the trees that will die! I was just on a vacation. I had to use an average of two paper straws per drink as the straws started to fall apart during the drinking process. Have you ever attempted to drink a milk shake from a paper straw? Apparently, this push to eliminate plastic straws is due to some concerned about wild sea creatures choking on the straws. Maybe these plastic straw haters could direct resources to programs designed to teach these creatures not to eat the plastic straws. (that was a joke people….but come on?)

The plastic straw haters have an agenda and will soon come after us for our plastic lids, disposable razors, plastic cutlery, diapers and Pez dispensers. How about pushing RECYCLING - just leave our straws alone.

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