Song “Come See” Moving Up on Christian Music Charts

County Road 12: "Come See" moving up on Christian music charts

PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - Making it in the music world is cutthroat. It takes a lot of skill, good timing, occasionally some luck, and in this case a little divine intervention.

Everyone who can play a guitar has dreams of Nashville or Hollywood. One Montgomery area woman has taken an interesting path, and she loves where it has taken her.

“I started playing when I was seven,” said musician Laurel Taylor. "Ever since I started playing the piano, I wanted to learn every instrument. I fell in love with it."

By the time she was a teen she was competing in talent shows and at the age of 21, she was on American Idol.

“Keith Urban wrote on my guitar, Welcome to Hollywood," Taylor added.

Her stay in Hollywood was short but Taylor says she learned some valuable lessons while she was there.

Taylor would spend the next few years playing in Nashville all the way to Chicago, but something wasn’t quite right.

“I didn’t know who I wanted to be as an artist. I tried country, pop, even rap,” Taylor added.

In 2015, her path became clear.

“January 13, 2015 (the day she gave her life to Jesus). When I started singing for Jesus, writing healing and helpful music for this world I was like, okay Lord show me what you want me to do," Taylor said.

She wrote and recorded around 100 Christian songs and then late last year something happened.

Taylor wanted to write something special for her church’s Christmas show. and when she wrote the song ‘Come See’ she couldn’t wait to let her pastors hear.

“I played it and they were like, we need to get this to Nashville," Taylor said.

So, Taylor went to Nashville and recorded ‘Come See’ and it was released this year just in time for the Holiday Season. Since its release, it’s took off on the itunes Christian and Gospel music chart.

“We were counting. We were like it’s 74, 73, now 71.”

The song made it all the way to 71 on the charts and will likely be played in hundreds of churches all over the country because it’s now included in a huge playlist used by churches everywhere.

"I'm just so humbled. I'm like 'really God, you're showing your glory and I love it'. God is just using me as a vessel to show them Jesus in a way they've never, they don't even know. When they say that's an awesome song they are really just giving credit to Jesus.”

Just a small town country girl who went to school in Tallassee. Now she’s making people all over the world ‘Come See’.

You can hear her perform it live. The Century Church Christmas show is December 16th at 6 p.m. at Pike Road Elementary School.

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