The most-addictive foods and why we love them

Remember these three words: sugar, carbs and fat

Top 10 Most Addicting Foods

(RNN) –Americans love their comfort food. But why do we crave it so?

The folks at the University of Michigan wanted to find out too and figured out the reasons we binge on certain foods. They came up with a ranking of most-addictive foods.

Probably to no one’s surprise, pizza topped the list, followed by chocolate and chips.

The study’s authors say there’s a reason for that.

“Processed foods, or foods with added amounts of fat and/or refined carbohydrates, were most associated with addictive-like eating behaviors,” according to the report published in the Public Library of Science.

“Nine out of the 10 foods at the top of the list were highly processed and high in both fat and refined carbohydrates. Soda (not diet) was the exception, which is highly processed and high in refined carbohydrates, but not fat.”

The bottom line: we love sugar, carbs and fat.

And when you combine them, you get what researchers call supra-addiction. That’s above or beyond normal addiction and the reason we crave these foods.

So, no one should be amazed that many of the most-addicting foods on the list have all three.

Here’s the study’s Top 20:

1. Pizza

2. Chocolate

3. Chips

4. Cookies

5. Ice Cream

6. French Fries

7. Cheeseburger

8. Regular Soda (not diet)

9. Cake

10. Cheese

11. Bacon

12. Fried Chicken

13. Rolls

14. Buttered Popcorn

15. Cereal

16. Gummies

17. Steak

18. Muffins

19. Nuts

20. Eggs

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