Volunteers make huge impact in Super 7

Volunteers make huge impact in AHSAA Super 7 games

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Super 7 is an exciting time for high school football, and while it’s easy for fans to spot their favorite team, it may be a little harder to find the people who help make it all possible, the volunteers.

When Super 7 time rolls around, the volunteers have all hands on deck.

"We really start about a year out, and we would really like to have it well planned out before we get into our home football season here anyways," says Auburn Opelika Tourism Bureau President, John Wild. "It's really fantastic because most of it is on paper, emails back and forth, calls, people signing up and then we get to see their smiling faces, and give them a little credential and some hot food when its really cold outside. Public safety people, all that, we get to see them and think this is really fun getting to have that human contact back and forth with everybody. That is then going to be fired up and help everybody else that wants to come to the games."

From ticket sales to making sure that each team is fed, volunteers play a major role.

"We go an meet with the coach at the end of the payoffs and we figure out how many people they have coming into town," says Parent Host Volunteer, Ashley Hamberlin. "I help line up food for them, make sure that he hotel is prepared for them coming into town, that way the team and the coaching staff can just focus on winning the game and getting their minds right and not having to worry about all the minor details of when they are going to eat, what they are going to eat, and all of the things like that."

It takes well over 200 volunteers to help put all of this together and officials say that some spots fill up pretty quickly.

"Unloading all of the teams equipment or the bands equipment and shuffling it off to the locker rooms, that group has been there each time, they're well oiled, and they're just a tight knit group so its really cool. It'd be hard to break into that group and have somebody else volunteer, but there's so many other jobs," says Wild.

Anyone wishing to volunteer in the 2020 Super 7 can do so by giving the Auburn Opelika Tourism Bureau a call.

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