Law enforcement encourages public to be cautious if buying CBD products

Alabama law enforcement concerned about sale of CBD products

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabamians may soon be able to buy and sell some CBD products, also known as cannabidiol, from industrial hemp.

This comes after Congress passed the Farm Bill, which would make industrial hemp legal across the country.

But the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is encouraging people to be cautious if they purchase these products.

“You don’t know what’s in them,” said Lt. Darryl Seymour, with ALEA.

Seymour said some products may not be from a reputable company and could be misleading. He said the packaging does not always show what the exact ingredients are. For example, a package could say it does not include THC, when it does.

“If some guy’s producing this in his basement somewhere you don’t know what kind of additives he’s adding in there,” he said. "So he may be adding an arsenic or some other additive that a low dosage that’s not going to kill you initially, but will cause you some serious health problems down the road.”

Patsey Hasley owns Your CBD Store in Prattville. They sell a variety of products including oil, bath bombs and skin care.

“CBD is such a tremendous benefit for people with a variety of issues including pain management,” she said.

Hasley said her CBD store gets its products from a reputable company. It shows exactly what is in its products.

“They do third-party lab testing, which is done by PhD chemists, to prove that we are getting what we believe are buying," Hasley said. "We can then explain that to our customers so that they’re confident in what they’re taking.”

ALEA says they will investigate individual CBD products or stores if they receive a complaint. The Alabama Attorney General sent out a public notice saying CBD products could be legal if they are from industrial hemp do not contain levels of THC higher than .3 percent.

The legalization of industrial hemp is pending President Donald Trump’s signature of the Farm Bill.

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