Food for Thought 12/20

Food for Thought: 12-20-18

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Each week, the 12 News Defenders bring you the highest and lowest restaurant inspection scores from the county health department. Before you pick a place to eat, catch the latest edition of Food For Thought. The reports air each Thursday night at 10.

If you don’t see your favorite restaurant listed, click here for a full list from the Montgomery County Health Department. For inspection scores from other counties, click here to link to the Alabama Department of Public Health.


McDonald’s (2621 E. South Blvd.): 99

Keum Kang San LLC (2070 East Blvd.): 98

Midtown Pizza Kitchen (2940 Zelda Rd.): 98


Capitol Farmers Market-Deli (2256 E. South Blvd.): 79

Priority Items: Moldy salsa in cooler; Pork/beef at improper temperature

SKT Mini Mart (3040 Selma Hwy.): 87

Priority Item: Dishes not properly cleaned & sanitized

Alpha Omega Learning Center (1562 Ann St.): 88

Priority Item: Moldy bologna in cooler

Alfa Cafeteria (2108 E. South Blvd.): 91

Priority Item: Ham/sausages on serving line at improper temperature

Brewbaker Intermediate School (4455 Brewbaker Dr.): 92

Priority Item: No backflow device on faucet at mop sink

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