Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has doppelganger teammate

Clemson quarterback has doppleganger teammate

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence stands out on the field.

He has 27 passing touchdowns this season to just four interceptions.

Surely the 6'6" quarterback stands out off the field, too.

Well, sort of.

Lawrence has a doppelganger on his own team! Redshirt freshman linebacker Luke Price!

Price often gets confused as Lawrence while he is out and about.

It even happened when the team arrived at the airport Friday in San Jose!

"We got off the plane and there was a youth football team waiting. Luke got off and they were all yelling my name," said Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

"I had to let the kids down. I couldn't go over there and then Trevor show up behind me like, wait a second, who is he," said Clemson linebacker Luke Price.

How often does the confusion happen for Price? More than you think!

"Oh man, whenever Trevor first got here I would be downtown, and I would have kids coming up to me for an autograph. I would give them my autograph. They would look at it and say dang," said Price.

"I don't really see any (resemblance) personally, but that started as a joke but as the season has gone on we have gone places and people actually think he is me. So, it is funny," stated Lawrence.

“Sometimes just to play along with it I’ve actually signed Trevor’s autograph just to mess with some of the kids. It has happened a lot. Mostly older women do it. I mean God bless them, but they will just come up and be like ‘oh who is this? Oh it is Trevor’. I’m just playing along. I’m being nice about it,” said Price.

Price has played in three games this season for the No. 2 ranked Clemson Tigers.

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