4 arrested for allegedly deer poaching in Hoover

4 arrested for allegedly deer poaching in Hoover
The four men are facing multiple charges and could be deported.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Four men covered in blood and deer hair were arrested in Hoover, and are now in ICE custody.

Kerry Bradford, a senior conservation enforcement officer with the AL Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said the four men were illegally hunting deer right off I-459 near the Galleria Exit.

Now, they’re facing multiple charges and could be deported.

Pictures from the New Year’s Eve incident, posted on Facebook, show these four men suspected of deer poaching being arrested on the side of I-459.

It all started when a hunter who leases the land was out there setting up cameras because he was suspicious of illegal hunting, according to Bradford.

“So when he’s placing the game cameras, he hears this gun fire very close to him. He knew it wasn’t anybody that he was with and somebody was there illegally,” he said.

The hunter called Bradford, and then called Hoover PD to help catch the men.

“They were hunting,” Bradford said. “They were covered in deer blood. They had deer hair all over them. They admitted to hunting and said they had killed one deer and shot several more.”

Bradford found two rifles and two shotguns, along with a little over 230 rounds of ammunition.

“In 21 years in law enforcement, I’ve never encountered anyone with that much ammunition” said Bradford.

Something officers couldn’t find: identification for the men.

“Then I asked them for a driver’s license or any kind of immigration papers, or anything like that. Three of them couldn’t speak English, and one of them that could speak English didn’t have any ID or anything like that on his person,” he said.

That’s when ICE got involved.

Bradford told us all four men are citizens of El Salvador, and are here illegally.

He said ICE also found out one of them had previously been deported.

Those four men are now facing 16 charges in total including hunting without a license and without permission of the landowner.

They men are now in ICE custody.

We were unable to reach federal authorities to get their names.

Bradford encourages others to call 1-800-272-GAME if you see believe someone is hunting illegally.

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