Auburn officials push to keep SNYPing animal overpopulation

Auburn leaders want SNYP expansion

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Officials throughout Auburn and Lee County are working to expand the Spay and Neuter Your Pet Program, or SNYP.

“Commissioner Ham wanted to start a program where if you were of a certain income level and you had a pet, or even if you found a stray, instead of taking it to the animal shelter, maybe you could get It spayed or neutered at a reasonable cost," said Auburn City Manager Jim Buston.

Buston says that this is all about controlling the pet population and adoptions.

“The idea is to help reduce the number of stray animals that are in our communities and to also help with the number of animals that are showing up in the shelter because they are either unwanted or an accident happens and you get a litter of dogs or cats,” Buston went on.

Humane societies across East Alabama are full and are always in need of more fosters. Officials hope that having more animals that are fixed could lead to having fewer animals out on the streets.

“$100 to get your animal spayed or neutered is a lot of money, but if you could get it spayed or neutered for $10 you might be enticed to do that," says Buston. "Then that animal won’t have a litter, which then those animals won’t have litters. What we do find, especially here in Auburn, and we don’t have all the data, is that it is likely that when students leave they may not take their animals with them. So just with that the shelters are being filled.”

Officials say that around 600 animals have been fixed so far using the SNYP program.

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