Montgomery trying its hand again on recycling

Montgomery tries its hand at recycling again

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - During his weekly press conference, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said Repower South is fine-tuning its equipment and ready to roll.

'"They’re taking some trash now," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Company leaders say the testing is going well and should up and running in about two weeks. 65 people will be hired, some are already on board. City leaders say they feel more confident this time around.

“We will continue to put our household waste in the green cans and you won’t ever know the difference in how things are being collected and being done," said Montgomery Public Works Director Chris Conway.

Montgomery bought the facility for $625,000 after the previous company went bankrupt about four years ago. Part of the city’s 25-year deal with Repower South calls for the business to share a portion of its profits with the city of Montgomery.

“They will then be ready to sell to the open market where that is a need other than coal," said Conway.

Repower South will specialize in recycling and recovery, separating materials like plastics and paper. The items will then be grinded down, burned like coal and then sold to cement companies and paper mills. The fuel could save a company’s coal consumption by 10 percent.

By linking itself with Repower South, Montgomery is looking to save millions of dollars in the future by extending the life of landfills.

“And in addition to that it will help us with the capital costs and repair costs for all the equipment," said Strange.

Powering away to a new era in recycling.

A Repower South company official said the starting pay for employees is $11 an hour.

Later this month, the city and Repower South plan to hold an official grand opening.

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