Auburn City Schools receives one of highest report card grades in state

Auburn City Schools receives one of highest report card grades in state

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - The Auburn City School system is setting themselves apart from other school systems across the state.

Every single school in the district received an A for last year, with the exception of East Samford School , who still scored pretty high with an 89.

“We obviously are very proud that our report card indicated that a for the school system," says Auburn City Schools Superintendent, Karen DeLano. "Looking at the results as we look at individual schools, I’m very proud of that progress. I do think that most people understand the key to learning is that classroom teacher, that’s where we really see the work. Of course we have a community that believes in education. So, they send us children that are ready to learn and we have parents that value education.”

After recently having two Auburn City Schools teachers be finalists for teacher of the year, DeLano says that they know that they just have a really good staff.

“We work with our teachers on each campus, the administrators work together, and they look at what students needs are. So I think that that training that is so important is looking at what are our students showing that they may have deficits, or that we need to know more about, and how do you meet those needs.“ DaLano says.

She also gives credit the resources available to the school system in order for them to give their students extra opportunities.

“When you look at the list of school systems who made that grade A, the vast majority of those school systems were city school systems who have additional funding that are not just state funds," DeLano says. "I do think that the extra resources that we provide the students really do make a big difference.”

Officials say that they also spent a great deal of time looking into the individuals at each school.

DeLano says that when looking at the B that East Samford School received and the population of students there, she was very proud of the growth within that school. She is said they continue to focus on areas that they can improve as they move up within the school system.

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