Single-stream recycling rollout almost complete

Single-stream recycling rollout almost complete
The city of Auburn is in the final stretch of the rollout of their single stream recycling program. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - The city of Auburn is in the final stretch of the rollout of their single stream recycling program.

"We had hoped to have them all delivered by the end of December. Our crews were working, they are usually off on Fridays, they were working through Saturdays to deliver carts to try to get them all done. But with all the rain we’ve had, they just didn’t get them done so now we are expecting to get them all done by the end of January,” said Auburn City Manager Jim Buston.

Since December, the Environmental Services Department has worked to distribute 7,000 new blue bins to remaining Auburn residents who were interested in participating in the single-stream recycling program.

"Our citizens have been asking for it. The company that we were using would not except single stream and in fact when we put out the information that we were going to go to single stream that company actually cut us off,” said Buston.

He said by incorporating single-stream they’ve already seen a great increase in recycling.

“What we found is that we’ve got about a 70 percent increase in recycling.”

As new carts are delivered, please remember that only the following materials are accepted in the city of Auburn’s single-stream curbside recycling program:

  • Plastics No. 1- No. 7. This includes things like plastic bottles and food containers. No plastic bags or toys are accepted.
  • Aluminum, steel/tin cans. Please remember to rinse out cans before placing them in bins.
  • All types of paper.
  • Flattened cardboard, no larger than 4 by 2 feet.

Things like glass and Styrofoam DO NOT belong in single-stream recycling carts. These materials break easily and contaminate the rest of the materials in a load, which means the entire contaminated portion ends up at the landfill rather than the recycling facility. All types of glass are still accepted at the Recycling Drop-Off Center at 365-A North Donahue Drive. Please remember to place carts out at least 3 feet from the curb, garbage carts, mailboxes, vehicles and any other nearby obstacles.

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