Inaugural parade attracts thousands from around the state

AL high schools perform in Inauguration Day parade

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - They came from all over the state: Mobile, Centreville, Huntsville and Birmingham. People like 11-year-old Mason O’Brien of Chilton County attended his first inaugural parade.

“I always wanted to come here and see all this stuff and enjoy the fun," said O’Brien.

“Being a 4th of July child, I am miserable,” said Calvin Elliott of Centreville, Alabama, referring to temperatures that never rose above 47 degrees. Still, the cold didn’t keep him away.

“I think every citizen should come once in their lifetime. You’re swearing in the governor and all these new people will be making decisions for the state," said Elliott.

And as Gov. Kay Ivey made her way towards the Capitol, she got a big thank you from a supporter in the crowd.

“Thank you for coming to Mobile for early childhood education," the woman said.

Bands followed behind, including Auburn University and the University of Alabama. This was an event Shannon Allen would not miss.

“Anytime you can get out and support your government and be a part of what’s going on and support that the people have chosen one of the citizens of Alabama. I think it’s very worth it to get out no matter what the weather is," said Allen.

“It’s such an important event. It only happens once every four years and we’re super happy to be here for Gov. Ivey who is our second female governor," said Jennifer Woodall of Chilton County.

While Ivey begins her first full term, spectators saw a part of democracy unfold up close, many for the very first time.

Several high school bands from around the state also participated in the inaugural parade.

Alabama's inaugural parade

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