Mexico Beach, FL still in shambles, 3 months after Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael Recovery

MEXICO BEACH, FL (WBRC) - When you drive into Mexico Beach you see destruction everywhere you look. People are still coming back to where their homes once were hoping to find something as small as silverware that Hurricane Michael showed some mercy on.

Mary Smith and her family owned their home in Mexico beach for 25 years. Thursday she brought her daughter to where the home once stood for the first time since the storm hit. She was surprised to find some very special items.

“Probably one of the first sets of silverware that I owned and from 52 years of marriage and here I am still finding little things that I had from day one but I remember getting them at a shower 52 years ago when I got married and I just saw them and I thought oh my how are these here,” Smith explains.

Because when you look at Mexico Beach there is not much left. “So it’s interesting to be able to find. It is just like finding a treasure,” she states.

When getting a tour of Smith’s beach house you have to use your imagination because there is not much left. “Literally a bomb had dropped and everything had exploded,” she describes.

The only thing they have left from their beach house are the floors and the memories. “Oh so many memories of raising our children in the time we spent down here,” she recalls.

“One of the saddest things is that my husband passed away about a year ago. I felt like I lost so much more of him again, that it’s just heartbreaking,” Smith explains.

They spent a lot of time here and planned to retire here. “It was just a happy place it was our happy place if you could call it paradise on earth it was for us,” Smith explains.

Smith has come a long way since October 10th. “I just sat here and I cried and I still want to but it’s just things,” she states.

Things can be replaced, but these memories she now gets to cherish forever.

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