‘Dodge the poop’: Residents turn to homemade signs to send message to dog owners

‘Dodge the poop’: Residents turn to homemade signs to send message to dog owners
Signs are popping up reminding dog owners to scoop the poop in Shockoe Bottom

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Shockoe Bottom residents are fed up with dog feces and playing the game of “Dodge the poop.”

They’re now leaving homemade signs in the area reminding dog owners to responsibility for their dogs.

“Bag it up, Throw it out!” and “They don’t like to smell it either!” along with other passive aggressive messages line East Franklin Street between North 20th and North 21st streets.

Locals say the signs first appeared this past November, but they’ve already grown accustomed to playing what one woman playfully called “dodge the poop”.

“If you’ve stepped in it before you’re more hyper aware," Shockoe Bottom resident Terrell Hicks said.

Residents said that the signs have only curbed the bad behavior temporarily, however.

“It’s been about the same since the signs came up”, Monet Chapman said.

She walks her dog every morning and said that some areas are so bad, she has to resort to crossing the street.

The signs come in addition to other official signs reminding owners to pick up after their dogs, along with stations that provide free plastic bags and bins for owners to pick up their pet’s waste.

“There are so many of these, it is so practical and easy," Jill Van Buren said. "If you’re going to take the responsibility to get a pet, then I think that you should commit to picking up your pet’s waste.”

Despite the lack of effectiveness of the signs, some said they were glad that someone took the initiative to create the bright, orange reminders.

Social media indicates that the signs may have been created by local property managers, but nearby ones denied making the signs.

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