Nike unveils shoes that can lace using an app

Nike introduces shoes that lace up with app

(CNN) – Hover boards may not be a reality yet, but if you’ve also wanted a pair of self-lacing shoes since seeing “Back to the Future Part II,” you’re in luck.

Nike unveiled its newest self-lacing technology Tuesday called Nike Adapt BB. The self-lacing basketball shoe is controlled by an app.

It's part of a product family called FitAdapt, which feature gear that uses apps and firmware that can be continually updated.

Jayson Taum of the Boston Celtics will wear the shoes at an NBA game Wednesday night.

And Nike has bigger plans. Once the kinks are ironed out, the company plans to expand Fit-Adapt into other sports and lifestyle products.

If all this seems like Deja Vu, you may be remembering when Nike made self-lacing shoes in 2016 modeled after the ones in "Back to the Future Part II.”

Those special edition shoes were never sold and only 89 pairs were given away in a lottery.

The company also sells a self-lacing shoe called HyperAdapt – which cannot be updated and does not use an app.

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