Sen. Sanders-Fortier launches new initiative to promote community involvement

Sen. Sanders-Fortier launches new initiative to promote community involvement

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Newly-elected Alabama Senator Malika Sanders-Fortier is hitting the ground running in her quest to better the conditions of people living in District 23. One way she is doing this is through a new initiative to get residents from the eight counties she represents involved.

Chris Minter is a life long Dallas County resident.

“There is no place like Dallas County,” said Minter.

With a strong desire to see the area flourish one way he believes he can help is by being part of the political process.

“Anytime people are put in office you are only as strong as the community behind you,” said Minter.

Minter is one resident who has already committed to being a deputy senator.

“I am trying to merge this idea of elected and electoral politics with community work and community development,” said Sanders-Fortier.

Sen. Sanders-Fortier laid out the vision of deputy senators with this group at the Bridge Theater Tuesday during an informational meeting. With the input of citizens she hopes to better craft her agenda for the legislative session.

“Where the meat of the deputy senators kind of comes through is where do we start? What are the priorities within education? What are the priorities within economic development? What are the complexities? A lot of legislators are faced with what to fund and not to fund. Those are some of what the deputy senators will have to help me grapple with,” said Sanders-Fortier.

Among the tasks for deputy senators will be learning the legislative process and getting an in-depth education on the issues facing the community.

“If we want a better Alabama we have to be engaged beyond election day. We need to research, we need to study, and we have to get to work, we don’t have any time to wait,” said Sanders-Fortier.

This has residents like Minter excited and eager about what the future holds.

“For me it is more wisdom and knowledge as to how they operate. I think it will be a real good thing,” said Minter.

Sanders-Fortier was elected to the seat her father, Sen. Hank Sanders held for more than 30 years.

If you are interested in becoming a deputy senator, you can call (334) 261-0860 or email

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