County Road 12: Montgomery woman thinks ‘Outside the Box’ on craft projects

County Road 12: Montgomery woman thinks ‘Outside the Box

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. For Montgomery resident Sue Kirsch, that’s where she does her best work.

“I started decorating birthday cards,” said Kirsch. “I would put ribbon round them and glue a little flower on it.”

But that was just the start. It wasn’t long before she moved from cards to gift boxes.

“I just started piddling around and thought, I’m going to put something on a box,” said Kirsch.

These aren’t just a few pieces of ribbon and a flower. These are elaborate.

“Honey it can take a day to get together, sometimes it can take a week. I will just say ‘oh yeah that’s pretty’ and I will put it on there,” she said.

She makes these beautiful boxes for all occasions. The holidays open up a whole world of options.

“I just saw this bunny. Somebody gave it to me. I had this silver box and my mother’s ribbon. I said, okay I will put that together,” said Kirsch.

She has these boxes and her supplies all over the place. You never know when a good idea will pop into your mind. So where does she get all this stuff?

“Estate sales, the second day is half price. I get a lot of my stuff there,” she said.

The funny thing about all these boxes, she isn’t trying to sell them. She just loves making them and uses them for gifts. Often times her boxes may be just as cool as the gift inside them.

“I just enjoy doing it, I really do,” she said.

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