New sheriff takes over in Dallas County

New Dallas County sheriff steps on the scene

DALLAS COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Dallas County has a population of around 40,000, is 900-plus square miles and has two unsolved murders.

It’s Mike Granthum’s time now behind the wheel as the new sheriff.

“I’m ready and excited," said Granthum.

The last 17 years were spent with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office as an investigator. With his first week in office, Granthum is determined to solve the murders of a man shot and killed at party several years ago and the murder of a woman in 2011.

“The state has a lot of new technology. We have a lab here that’s identifying bullets and stationed in Dallas County," Granthum said.

Another goal on Granthum’s wish list? More deputies or resource officers in the county schools.

“And it’s sad to say when I was coming up, I never would have thought that we need officers in the schools," Granthum said.

The new sheriff praises his predecessor for regaining the trust of the public, something Granthum wants to work on which is a crucial part in solving crimes.

“Listening to the public," he said.

As Mike Granthum reflects on his newfound status as the high sheriff, he remembers his old friend Anderson Gordon, a Montgomery police officer ambushed to death in September of 1997. Officer Gordon was training Granthum at the time for a career in law enforcement.

“That lit a fire under me. He was trying to protect people and was an innocent bystander," he remembered.

Granthum has a lot of roads to patrol in Dallas County in terms of square miles, not an easy thing to do with just over 20 sworn deputies.

“We’ll take baby steps," he said.

And that’s how Granthum plans to begin his promotion, small steps but quickly get into high gear to make Dallas County better and safer.

Officer Anderson Gordon’s killer Torrey McNabb spent nearly 20 years on death row for officer Gordon’s murder.

McNabb was executed in 2017.

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