Study suggests single workout can boost metabolism for days

Study suggests single workout can boost metabolism for days

(WSFA/NBC) - Working up a sweat can no doubt help your waistline, and now scientists say even a single workout can make a difference.

Researchers at UT Southwestern studied a group of neurons tied to metabolism and found an hour on the treadmill activated the neurons for up to two days.

Dr. Kevin Williams said, "These neurons have been previously identified as to be highly responsive to different metabolic challenges, like high-fat dieting or fasting, but the role of exercise had been previously undefined."

The study was done on mice, but Doctor Kevin Williams says all species, even humans, have the same neuron circuitry.

He also says the boost to metabolism doesn't necessarily mean a boost in your weight loss goals.

"Exercise itself is not a great weight loss tool but it is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity and regulate glucose metabolism," said Dr. Williams.

And that is especially important for diabetics or anyone whose monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Next, researchers plan to look at what kind of exercise boosts metabolism the highest.

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