Billboard shows picture, car of student killed by distracted driving

Billboard shows picture, car of student killed by distracted driving
Camryn Lunsford was 17 when she crashed into a semi, distracted by her cell phone, and died. Her mother now wants others on the road to heed her warnings. (Source: {WBRC})

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Camryn Lunsford now watches over drivers on I-65, just south of Green Springs Avenue.

“This billboard will, number one, honor my daughter,” says Michelle Lunsford.

It paints a powerful picture.

Lunsford died almost a year ago in Pelham on February 22 when she was distracted by her phone, hitting the back of a semi. She died just hours after taking the picture on the billboard, which features her in a cap and gown.

It’s a picture difficult for her mother, Michelle Lunsford, to look at.

“It’s hard. It’s very hard. But I know it’s going to be impactful,” says Lunsford.

It’ll be seen by an estimated 100,000 drivers a week as its up for the next three months. Lunsford hopes it will drive home a warning.

“Looking to wake people up to what distraction does - the life and death consequences. The main thing being the hands-free law. And I want people to call their senators, want them to call their representatives and let them know that they want them to vote for this,” Lunsford said.

A hands-free bill has been filed in both the state House and Senate, banning any contact with a cell phone. Both bills are based on one passed last summer in Georgia. Lunsford hopes it will pass here quickly.

“Georgia shows us that it works. Within a few months, 100 lives had been saved. That’s 100 Camryns out there that don’t even know they made it home safely. So I definitely claim a victory for it already,” she said.

The legislature starts back March 5.

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