2 men save neighbor from burning house in Eclectic

2 rescue man from Eclectic house fire

ECLECTIC, AL (WSFA) - Two Eclectic men are being dubbed as “heroes," after saving their neighbor from his burning house.

According to the Eclectic Fire Department, the incident happened at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. When fire officials arrived on the scene, they found a house in the 11000 block of Georgia Road engulfed in flames.

Upon arrival, the fire department found that two men, Tyler McLeod and Joshua Donahey, had rescued their neighbor from his burning house.

“I pull the curtain back and I see that my neighbor’s house is on fire. That’s when it hit me that something has to be done,” said McLeod.

That’s when McLeod woke up his roommate, Donahey.

McLeod and Donahey walked over to the burning house and heard “moaning” coming from inside the house, and they realized their neighbor was trapped inside.

“We could hear him yelling from inside the house, or you know making noise,” Donahey said.

McLeod attempted to enter the home through the back, but due to the smoke and debris, was unable to.

“I went back around to his bedroom window and was beating on his window, trying to get him to come to the window, and I ended up just snatching the air conditioning unit off of the wall and holding a flashlight in there, waving it around, telling him to come to my voice,” McLeod said. “Then I saw his head poke through the smoke and I knew that we could get him."

“I snatched his arm out, grabbed his leg, Tyler (McLeod) grabbed the other leg, he had his arm and he hoisted him out the rest of the way," Donahey said.

Some are calling the men “heroes,” but they don’t see it that way.

“I saw an opportunity to save him in his life, not necessarily be a hero, but like I don’t even feel like I am a hero. I just wanted to save my friend," McLeod said.

“To be honest, I think it’s something I hope anybody really would do. I mean, we just acted with basic instinct. Save the man, get him out of there... I mean it’s a person’s life," Donahey said.

The victim is at UAB Hospital receiving treatment. He is in critical condition.

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