First Alert: Wet now, snow possible later

A First Alert heads up on potential winter weather

Rain, snow and cold air all arrive Tuesday!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Showers have already started to fall across parts of Alabama. While there is the potential for rain and snow to mix together later this morning, we want to emphasize a few things...

It will not snow on everyone in our area: Many will not see a single flake of snow, you’ll only have rain. The best chance of snow is in the western and central Alabama, so the farther south or east you live, the lower the chance you’ll see snow.

Roads could temporarily turn slushy at times this morning: This will mainly on the bridges west and north of Montgomery. For much of our area, the roads will simply just be wet. Widespread, long-lived icy roads are not likely in our area early Tuesday; isolated, temporary slushy spots are a good bet.

In areas where it snows, it will be a brief burst: AKA, if you do see snow, it won’t be a guaranteed prolonged period of accumulating snow. The likely outlook will be a few hours of wintry precipitation.

Temperatures will be above freezing while this is happening: So much of the snow will melt as it falls. The exception to this could be in parts of Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties very early this morning. There, around sunrise, temperatures could flirt with freezing, and some icy spots could form on bridges before 9am.

Here is our latest accumulation potential graphic:

Tuesday snow potential
Tuesday snow potential (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Please understand two important points about this map. First, it’s based on the data we see NOW - if/when the data changes, this map could still change. Secondly, there will be “holes” in these areas where people see NO snow. And, there will be “boom” areas where some people see more than expected. This happens in every snow forecast, it is not a surprise to us.

Whatever falls will probably not last very long... temperatures jump into the upper 30s and lower 40s quickly by the afternoon, so the snow will melt.

Any leftover rain or melted snow on the roads could freeze Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, but these icy spots should be isolated in nature.

Cool, dry weather continues Wednesday and Thursday.

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