New charge, victims in Montgomery human trafficking case

New charge, victims in Montgomery human trafficking case

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sergio Webb, 29, the man at the center of a state human trafficking investigation who’s charged with murdering one of the women in his ring was scheduled for a bond revocation hearing Wednesday. Instead, he was charged with a second Class A felony.

Agents with the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation appeared in court armed with an arrest warrant and formally served Webb with a single felony count of human trafficking in the first degree.

Webb was in an orange jail jumpsuit and didn't speak as the agent informed him of the charge. When the agent stated the name of the victim the charge represented, Webb appeared shocked.

Sergio Webb is charged with murder in the July death of Prattville resident Melissa Metcalf.
Sergio Webb is charged with murder in the July death of Prattville resident Melissa Metcalf. (Source: Montgomery County Detention Facility)

Agents tell WSFA 12 News the charge represents the third human trafficking victim they have identified in this case. However, it was the first victim Webb allegedly coerced into the trafficking scheme. Court documents cite the victim, who is listed in her early twenties, was trafficked out of a Montgomery hotel in June 2016.

Agents explained the human trafficking charges in this case that will be handed down will represent the victims in the order they were reportedly coerced into this criminal enterprise.

The State Bureau of Investigation was called by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office in July 2018 to assist with a homicide investigation of Prattville resident Melissa Metcalf. Her body was found near the Tysonville Community. She had been beaten to death.

Metcalf’s death led investigators to Webb, and four months later agents arrested him for Metcalf’s murder. During the course of the murder investigation Webb’s relationship with Metcalf surfaced and investigators uncovered the alleged trafficking ring.

During a preliminary hearing on Jan. 4 in Montgomery District Court, SBI Lieutenant Shawn Loughridge explained Webb sold Metcalf and other females for sex around the Montgomery area.

After Metcalf's body was discovered, SBI reached out to the victim's daughter who confirmed Webb had sent a number of lewd text messages to her showing her mother involved in sex acts.

The SBI took the cell phone number Webb was using to send those messages to the FBI, who tracked Webb's phone. The FBI's analysis showed the phone pinged at a hotel near Monticello Drive in Montgomery and in the town of Rockford, located in Coosa County.

SBI learned prior to Metcalf’s death she had been sold to a man to perform sex acts for multiple days. Webb’s mother confirmed she saw Metcalf with the man.

In mid-December, another human trafficking victim connected to Webb spoke to SBI, providing detailed information on what led to Metcalf’s death.

Loughridge testified that the second victim was at the hotel near Monticello when Webb brought Metcalf in from her last job. Metcalf reportedly asked Webb for drugs repeatedly in exchange for her performing sex acts.

“Melissa kept asking for meth or heroin and Sergio continued to put her off,” Loughridge stated. “When she asked again, Sergio became angry and beat her to death.”

Loughridge stated that Webb beat Metcalf and used a lamp in the hotel room to smash in her head. After it was clear she was dead, Webb ordered the other victim to help him clean up the room and she agreed because she was afraid for her life.

According to the investigator, Webb and the victim cleaned up the blood, rolled Metcalf’s body in a sheet and packed evidence of the murder into Webb’s car and drove to Tysonville to drop off Metcalf’s body. Then, they drove to Rockford and burned the bloodied bedsheets and the lamp. This information finally revealed to investigators why Webb’s phone pinged in Rockford in early July.

While the shockingly detailed eyewitness statements came five months after Metcalf’s death, investigators were still able to use that information to shore up additional evidence that would lead to Webb’s arrest.

SBI obtained a search warrant for the hotel room where Metcalf was allegedly murdered and conducted luminol tests that showed a significant amount of blood had been spread across the room.

The clerk at the hotel confirmed Webb rented that room and produced a sales receipt with his signature. Hotel workers also confirmed they saw Metcalf the night of the murder.

Investigators also recovered what was left of the lamp and the burned evidence in Rockford. The lamp matched the other lamps in the hotel.

DNA samples from the evidence and the hotel room also matched Metcalf’s.

According to Loughridge, the forensic examiner confirmed Metcalf died of blunt force trauma, stating it was the worst beating he’s ever seen. All of Metcalf’s ribs were broken and several of her organs were ruptured.

Loughridge testified that he and another agent spoke to the man who purchased Metcalf for a number of days, and he too gave a statement confirming he obtained Metcalf from Webb and was with her before she died.

The second victim who brought the case together for agents is now located outside the state. Loughridge testified that during her interview he noticed she had serious foot injuries. “I saw her toes were broken and she said that Sergio hobbled me so I could never get away from him,” he stated.

SBI arrested Webb on Dec. 12 in Montgomery.

“He told us he was God and didn’t want to talk to us at the time of his arrest,” Loughridge stated.

Webb’s bond revocation hearing for the drug charge that was scheduled for Wednesday was continued. His combined bail for the human trafficking and murder charge is set at $210,000. Webb’s bond is revoked on the drug charge.

If you have any information on the murder of Melissa Metcalf or instances of human trafficking, please call the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation at 334-242-1142.

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