County Road 12: ‘Cancer Can Wait. I’m Going to the Super Bowl’

County Road 12: ‘Cancer Can Wait. I’m Going to the Super Bowl’
Pam Snead was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. When her son's team made Super Bowl, there's no way she was going to miss it. (Source: wsfa)

Eufaula, AL (WSFA) - When the Rams knocked off the Saints to advance to Super Bowl LIII, the loudest cheer may have come from a small city in East Alabama.

“I’m going to the Super Bowl, how about that?” said Pam Snead.

Snead is the executive director of the Heritage Association in Eufaula and she’s not your typical football fan.

“My son is the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams.” Pam Snead said.

Les Snead grew up in Eufaula and was a star football player there.

“He was football from day one. He was always holding a football.” Pam said.

Les accepted a scholarship to play at Troy University, but decided to do something else. He walked on to play football at Auburn. After his playing days were over Snead made strong connections and quickly started climbing the NFL ladder. In 2012 he was hired as the General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams.

Mom is pretty proud.

“I think it’s just because he’s so focused. Whatever he does, he’s passionate about it.” Pam said.

A few months ago a Super Bowl trip seemed unlikely, not for the Rams, but for Pam Snead.

“I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. Like six in one million people have this type of cancer. I don’t know how this cancer chose me.” Pam adds.

So she started treatment. Her doctors advised her to stay away from big crowds. She had to miss the NFC Championship game in New Orleans but when she saw her son’s team hoist that trophy and make plans for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, there was no doubt what she was going to do.

“My doctor came in and said he was so excited that my son was going to the Super Bowl. I said, well guess what, I’m going too. He just looked at me. I said cancer can wait. I’m going the Super Bowl.” Pam said.

Pam has a few championship rings from the past, but not the big one, not yet.

“Don’t you think it would look good on me?” Pam adds.

It’s easy to see where her son gets his fight. Pam Snead is one tough lady. It’s pretty safe to say she won’t be the only one in Eufaula cheering for Los Angeles. It seems a good part of this East Alabama town has caught Rams fever.

After the game, win or lose, it’s back to cancer treatment right away but on Super Bowl Sunday she’s going to have the time of her life, and maybe doing a little bragging about the guy who helped make this team such a big success.

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