Troy student launches delivery business

Troy student launches delivery service

TROY, AL (WSFA) - A Troy University student has launched his own delivery business.

Clay Copeland, a senior marketing major at Troy University, launched Quickfix in October 2018. Copeland said the company stemmed from an idea that two Troy University students came up with in 2016.

“My brother had brought the idea up to me that Peyton Kirkley and some other former Troy students were trying to sell the company, and I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s cool.’ I always kind of pushed it to the side, but then after I paid somebody to actually go get me food, I realized that it was a need and we went ahead and moved forward with it," Copeland said.

After purchasing the company from the two Troy University students, Copeland hit the ground running and re-branded the company.

The concept behind Quickfix is simple.

“You just text or call 334-267-7100 and then [tell us] just what you want, where you want it from, where you’re at and then we pay for the food. We bring it to you, and you pay for the delivery fee and the food at the arrival," Copeland said.

Once the request is made, either Copeland or one of his seven employees will complete the request.

Copeland said what makes Quickfix stand out among other delivery services is that they deliver “just about anything from anywhere."

“People have called me to bring them gas - I was about a month in and I was like, ‘Yeah, I would want someone to bring me gas.’ So, yeah I brought them some gas - and I’ve brought people car batteries, I’ve brought people toilet paper and I’ve brought people food,” Copeland said.

Once the delivery is made, the customer pays a set rate.

“For $5, we’ll do a drive-thru. If I get out of the car, it’s $7, pretty simple. So, if it’s a carry out meal, if it’s from the gas station, if it’s from Wal-Mart and it’s under three items, it’s $7. If it’s over three items then it’s considered a grocery delivery, so that’s a $3 delivery fee plus 25 percent of the cost of the groceries," Copeland said.

When the company launched, Copeland said he, along with his employees, would make up to 15 deliveries a day. Now, less than a year later, that number has nearly doubled.

“A lot of people take advantage of it, especially on the weekends, probably because they just want to enjoy their time. That’s what’s most important. Like in October, we had 55 orders, now, standing in February, we’re at about 924 total," Copeland said.

Copeland credits his company’s success to Troy University.

“Troy University has completely enabled me to do this. I wouldn’t have done this without Troy, I wouldn’t have done this without Greek life. Greek life provided an outstanding foundation for me at the beginning," said Copeland. "For all the questions that I had moving forward, accounting and taxes...I had no idea. I literally went from professor to professor in the Sorrell College of Business to figure everything out, so they’re - Troy is the sole reason this is a company.”

Copeland hopes to soon expand his company to other colleges in the area.

“I want this company to go out to other small colleges, and big colleges, and I want them in turn to be able to use their food dollars, their dining dollars and have food delivered to them," Copeland said.

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