'It’s absolutely crazy’: Suspicious paper left in mailbox, on doorstep of AL resident

Corbitt Chandler says he was spooked after coming home to not one, but two suspicious papers...
Corbitt Chandler says he was spooked after coming home to not one, but two suspicious papers left outside his home.({Source: WBRC})
Updated: Feb. 7, 2019 at 7:47 AM CST
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HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Corbitt Chandler came home to something strange last Sunday.

“I come home and there’s a sign that says ‘gold’ on it. It’s a yellow, just hand-drawn piece of paper laying on the doorstep,” says Chandler.

His wife told him she found one in the mailbox the week before. Chandler asked his Facebook community about it and they had disturbing opinions.

“Burglars and robbers will mark homes. They’ll mark the home and the time of day, things like that,” says Chandler.

Chandler says he was not home when the paper was left. After that, they decided to make a few changes.

“I installed these security cameras around the home, changed our schedules, moved our cars into the garage, some things we hadn’t been doing,” he said.

The next day, at a time when Chandler is normally away from home, his surveillance camera caught this man walking up the porch steps.

“My phone lights up, I get a notification. It’s 5:42 a.m., and somebody is walking up these stairs and comes and knocks on this door,” he said.

Chandler tells his wife to call police while he answers the door. The man there says his car has broken down. Chandler says he eventually leaves, but when police come and find him, it turns out he didn’t have a car. Chandler believes the man was trying to gain access to his house while he was gone and shudders to think what might have happened if his wife and two girls had been home alone.

“If I hadn’t been here, who knows what would have happened. The whole thing is crazy. I mean it’s absolutely crazy,” says Chandler.

Chandler says he recognized the man from an incident back in 2016 and saw him around the neighborhood mowing people’s lawns. He feels this incident was premeditated. Meanwhile police say there’s no way to confirm this was part of a planned attack to target Chandler’s house, but they want to hear from you if you receive papers like this so they can document when and where it happens.

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