Veteran finds hope at VA event

Veteran finds hope at VA event

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Wednesday’s veteran experience action center allowed hundreds of veterans in our area to come with organizations to assist them with their VA claims and work through their healthcare issues.

For one veteran at Wednesday’s event, it was a chance to tell his story and FINALLY have his voice heard.

Army veteran Jonathan Holder served from 2009-2013.

“Purely in Korea for most of it,” he said.

But it’s his experience since his return that threw his life off track.

“I kind of don’t know where I’ve been as far as the past four or five years,” said Holder.

Holder, a patent at the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System in Montgomery, does remember how doctors treated his health concerns.

“More medications and combinations of medications,” he said. “It would turn me psychotic.”

Not sleeping, because nightmares. Panic attacks and memory loss turning to attempts to take his own life.

“August to Oct. 30, I attempted suicide four different times,” Holder said.

On Oct. 30, he overdosed on his medication. Holder stopped breathing, but was resuscitated at East Alabama Medical Center.

“they looked at my patient history and prescription and said I should’ve died months ago,” Holder said.

But he didn’t. He worked with doctors there to detox and get off his meds.

“It’s been a hard process,” he said.

But it was something that gave him his first sign of hope of getting his life back. Meeting with VA administrators on Wednesday was another step.

“They wanted to find out what’s happened. Who’s responsible,” said Holder.

This gave him a chance to tell his story.

Hold said it was promising, but it’s not just promising for him, but for many others who served their country and deserve better service from their VA.

Because of Wednesday’s meetings, Holder could potentially be asked to sit on a board to help use his story to help prevent similar issues for other veterans. He’s also been given a second confirmation that his case is being investigated.

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