County Road 12: Dirt Road Art

County Road 12: Dirt Road Art

BULLOCK COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - You never know what you’ll find out on the country roads in rural Alabama. For one lady from Bullock County, she found inspiration.

“Animals have always been my thing,” said Darlene Lee.

Darlene lives near the tiny community of China Grove. On her farm you’ll find horses, cows, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, and more. Her little animal farm and the dirt road that leads to her home, led her to create Dirt Road Art.

"These are the things you see from a dirt road, turkeys, deer, the cows, people riding horses."

Darlene has always loved art.

"Instead of doing what I was supposed to in school, I carried around an pad and pen and I would always draw."

The cool thing about her story, she didn’t take any classes or get special training, she learned by doing it over and over again.

"When I can capture the feeling in the animal’s eye, when you get the feeling that you're looking at the animal and they are looking back at you, that's what gets me excited about it."

She recently started a new series of paintings called Dirt Road Dogs.

"It's a series of old pickup trucks with dogs that you see wandering down dirt roads which is quite common around here."

She takes requests on her Facebook page. She can put a dog that looks like yours in one of these paintings. Every once in awhile she even impresses herself.

"The painting I have in the kitchen of the horse head, that was the first time I impressed myself in quite a while."

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