MPS remains accredited under review; AdvancED finds improvement

MPS remains accredited under review; AdvancED finds improvement

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery County Board of Education listened Friday afternoon as AdvancED State Director Dr. Andre Harrison presented his review of the system’s accreditation status.

Harrison spoke for approximately 30 minutes and did not take any questions. He had some positive reviews to present to the board.

Harrison had previously stated the next steps for MPS would likely go one of two ways. The district would either be given the clear to go ahead and schedule for a standard review to have its accreditation renewed or it would remain “under review” and likely have to undergo another monitoring review in the coming months.

The later option is what AdvancED determined was necessary. MPS will remain accredited under review with a second monitoring review set to take place in June.

Harrison presented 30 slides in a presentation to the board. Also in attendance were multiple school principals, State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey, State Board of Education Representative Ella Bell, and other community stakeholders.

He explained that AdvancED interviewed a number of internal and external stakeholders and found that morale from the interviews for the initial special review and the latest his monitoring review improved and stakeholders have more “energy”.

AdvancED actually removed one of the six improvement priorities it was looking for from MPS, the priority focusing on meeting budget requirements. That’s because MPS met the requirements.

“A lot of work was done in a small amount of time,” Harrison said in order to make that change.

The accrediting body says it wants MPS to focus on engaging its new board and make sure future budgets allow for sustained improvements.

School board members weren’t able to ask Harrison any question, but they praised the report, as well as school principals for their hard work bringing about improvements.

FULL VIDEO: MPS presented with AdvancED accreditation review

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