Alabama lawmakers file bill for elective Bible course in public schools

Updated: Feb. 12, 2019 at 11:08 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) -Would you give your blessings for your child to take a Bible class in his or her public school?

A bill filed by state lawmaker would make it an option.

“It was an idea to get a bill that allows them and strengthens it in case they get challenged in court to teach the bible as a literary course,” said Senator Tim Melson.

However, The Alabama American Civil Liberties Union says that kind of legislation is unconstitutional.

The Bible could soon become a part of your child's curriculum.

Senator Tim Melson says several teachers reached out to him about the idea last year.

Melson says a bible course will be offered as an optional elective. It will focus on the Bible’s literary and historical significance.

“So, it doesn’t make anything mandatory the policy just says if you want to teach a literary course on the bible and how it affected the history of the world and the US in general then you would be allowed to teach it," said Senator Melson.

Kentucky adopted a similar bill in 2017 but not everyone thinks it's a great idea. The Alabama American Civil Liberties Union argues the bill is unconstitutional.

“ACLU leaders say having the bible used in the curriculum could be crossing a dangerous line. Leaders fear teachers could start promoting religion instead of using it as a teaching tool,” said Melson.

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