New businesses coming to Eastern Boulevard

New stores coming to Eastern Boulevard

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Some new businesses are coming to Eastern Boulevard.

For years, many businesses left Eastern Boulevard, leaving behind empty buildings, but now, the location is seeing the opposite trend.

Two of those new businesses have already opened. Last week, Ashley HomeStore opened its new location on Eastern Boulevard, and CarMax opened its fifth Alabama location on Woodmere Boulevard.

Among the other businesses coming to Eastern Boulevard are Conn’s HomePlus, Aldi and Big Lots.

“As a city, we’re excited to see all the new projects taking place, and the coolest part about it is that a lot of them are using old buildings that have already been there," Griffith Waller, Public Relations Specialist for the city of Montgomery, said.

Conn’s HomePlus will be located in the old Gander Mountain building. Aldi is currently building its new location next to Best Buy on Eastern Boulevard, and Big Lots will be moving into the old Toys R Us building.

“I do think that this is really just an inkling of what we’ll see in the future. I think we’ll see a lot more expansion across the boulevard," Waller said.

Waller said that with the new businesses will come new jobs and more money for the city.

“Our goal with anything is that we hope that another business will bring more businesses, and bring more revenue and also more jobs," Waller said.

“This means that there are new jobs coming into that area and the products and services that they provide are going to create a better quality of life for the people that live in that area," Meg Lewis, with the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce said. "It will also raise of course the value of properties in that space.”

Both Waller and Lewis said they hope this revitalization trend continues on Eastern Boulevard and in other parts of the city.

“This is definitely a signal of growth and of more to come in the future as we see areas around town, whether it’s downtown, midtown, out east, of course out west, the north side of Montgomery and just everywhere. We see small businesses, we see new businesses coming into place and that is all just a great sign of growth for Montgomery," Lewis said.

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