Lee county residents to vote on property tax renewal

Lee County residents to vote on property tax renewal

LEE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - On Feb.19, Lee County residents are being asked to head to the polls to vote in a special election on whether or not to renew county-wide property taxes.

School officials are stressing that this is not a new tax, and is renewed once every 28 years. The money received by the school system goes to support programs that are not fully funded by the state.

"We have over 60 teacher units that we do not get any money from the state for. It provides us money to do extra things that we don't have the resources from state funds. Such as AP courses, the IB program, some of our career tech, our career tech courses are not fully funded by the state," says Auburn City School Superintendent, Karen DeLano.

The district school tax goes directly to the district school system, however the county wide tax is shared by Auburn City Schools, Opelika City schools and Lee County Schools based on student enrollment.

School officials say that they have been monitoring responses to the special election and have not yet found anyone opposed to renewing the property tax.

DeLano says that the Auburn City School system received around $6.7 million from these property taxes in 2018.

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