‘Dollar General Baby’ turns 1, visits store where she was born

‘Dollar General Baby’ turns 1, visits store where she was born

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The birth of a baby at a Morgan County Dollar General store stole the hearts of many and now, one year later, the adorable little girl is doing great! She’s full of energy and has a bubbly personality.

To celebrate her birthday, her family took her back to the business where she made her surprising entrance into the world.

On Thursday, Tim Tankersley stood in the spot where he delivered his daughter, Carter Ann. Tim and his wife, Jamie, were rushing to get to the hospital last February, but their little bundle of joy had other plans. They had to make an emergency stop at the Dollar General off Highway 31.

“We had to pull into the Dollar General here and take matters into our own hands. God willing, she came out fine. It’s definitely a miracle. We’re extremely blessed. She’s a ball of joy, just the happiest baby,” Tim said.

Carter Ann was dubbed "The Dollar General Baby” in the hospital.

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That day, the couple planned to go to the hospital for 6 a.m. in Madison where Jamie was scheduled to be induced. But around 2 a.m., Jamie knew something wasn't right. She thought it might be food poisoning at first, but soon realized she was in labor.

The couple left their house in Falkville and started heading towards Madison, but they weren't going to make it there in time, so they re-directed to the Decatur Morgan Hospital.

"I'm doing every bit of 100 miles an hour going down Highway 31 with my flashers on just trying to get there," Tim said. "We're in labor and we need to get there quick."

He called 911 to let them know what was going on and they sent an ambulance in their direction, but Carter Ann had other plans for her parents.

“At the Dollar General in Flint, we couldn’t go anymore. My wife decides we better stop, the baby is coming,” Tim said. “I walk over to the passenger side, open the door, recline my wife all the way back and here she comes! The only thing I had was the shirt on my back. As soon as Carter decides to make her grand entrance, I swoop in and clean her nostrils, her eyes and her mouth just to get some kind of reaction or cries and I did.”

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later to take Jamie and Carter Ann to the hospital. The baby's body temperature was a little low when she first got there, but there were no other complications. Jamie was in a lot of pain, but she also made it through the delivery without any major problems.

It was big moment for the family to be back where it all started.

“We couldn’t ask for a more safe delivery considering the elements. We were here by ourselves No one was around, a dark parking lot. No medical training,” Tim said.

On Carter Ann’s birth certificate, the place of birth is listed as the Dollar General store. And her dad is listed as the attending physician.

It’s created a strong father/daughter bond.

“It is about love and just being happy and counting your blessings. And she’s definitely one of ours,” Tankersley stated.

The family’s story made headlines and when they left the hospital, they took Carter Ann to the Dollar General.

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They’ve formed friendships with the 911 dispatchers who helped guide them through their ordeal. And now the couple is enjoying every day with their happy baby and their two other daughters.

“God was definitely with us, a lot of emotions, happy times, scary times but we made it through. She’s one year old and she’s healthier than ever,” Tankersley added, giving Carter Ann a kiss.

Dollar General mentioned Carter Ann in a tweet, wishing her a happy birthday.

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