Woman arrested in south AL drug bust

Woman charged in south AL drug bust

HOUSTON COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Just as quickly as the drugs are coming in, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office is working to get them off of the streets.

“More than likely they’re being brought in the areas. This is not typical of what someone would make,” said Houston County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Donovan Arias.

Thursday, authorities arrested Christy Creamer for drug trafficking following an ongoing investigation - an arrest they believe is a blow to local drug distribution.

“Trafficking we always work our way up to the biggest dealer and she’s considered one of those,” said Arias.

Authorities seized seven ounces of meth from Creamer during a traffic stop on Cecil Varnum Road and found more linked to her at her home on Harper Joy Road.

The baggies on the table of confiscated drugs could fit in your palm, but investigators say it’s a significant amount.

"Most of the times a lot of your users will have a gram or two - this is in ounces, that’s multiple grams. It’s significant compared to a lot of cases.

It’s estimated the value is worth $4,500.

Creamer is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Christy Creamer arrested and charged with drug trafficking.
Christy Creamer arrested and charged with drug trafficking. (Source: Houston County Jail)

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