BBB: Don’t get scammed replacing your roof

BBB: Don’t get scammed replacing your roof

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you’ve ever had to replace your roof, you know it can be messy and expensive but before you let someone start ripping off the shingles there are some things you should be aware of.

“If you believe you have hail or any kind of storm damage, don’t rely on some guy in a truck to tell you what you need,” said David Smitherman of the Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama. “Call your insurance company and they will send an adjuster. They will get on the roof and inspect.”

Smitherman says to beware of people who just show and let you know you have damage and need to get it fixed. If you have questions about a company you can go to Better Business Bureau website and search roofing companies in your area to see if they have any bad reports.

Once you do find a roofer you’re happy with, keep asking questions. You should know about their plans for cleaning up, what happens if bushes or shrubs are damaged, what types of materials they are using, and get them to commit to a time frame.

“When are they going to show up? When are they going to be done? What happens if it rains? Will they put a tarp on the home? You need to know all those things in advance." Smitherman says.

There are some things you can do to prolong the life of your roof. Trim, cut, and clear and dead or low hanging branches by the roof. This will prevent them from falling on the roof and causing damage. It will also help prevent moisture from building up in heavily shaded areas on the roof, which could lead to mold.

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